Terms & Conditions

General conditions

  • Cancelation
  • You can accumulate credit for further trips with us;
  • You must inform us of the cancelation 8 days prior the date booked;
  • We will refund you the total amount paid if the cancelation is made 8 days prior the date booked;


  • Amarte can cancel a trip if the weather /ocean conditions are not the best ones for the activity booked;

Note: The rate sighting of dolphins is very high, nonetheless it may not happen due to the wild state of the mammals.

Pics and recordings

  • Amarte can ask you to use pics and recordings taken during the trips. You’re allowed not to allow the use of those.

About the motorboat

  • It is a fast vehicle which allow a quicker search to spot the mammals as it is an easy way to approach beaches, small sandy islands as to practice water sports like ski’s or buoys. The motorboat skippers  may share their knowlegde about the places you visit but they are not an official touritic guide.

What to wear

  • Amarte advises the use of comfortable clothes like swim wear, sun block, beach towel and something  warmer in case the trip gets longer than the expected.


  • Amarte has all the security devices required by law in order to provide maximum security to its users. We request that people follow all the instructions given by the skippers. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed on board only if permitted  by the skippers and only drank in moderation.
  • All trip users are covered by an insurrance policy for civil responsibility number __________  ,personal and group accidents  during trip activities booked.