One of the biggest attractions of the Sado’s Bay

Step in on a boat with us in search of a group of friendly inhabitants of this incredible Bay. The Dolphins! Allow yourself the pleasure and the excitement to admire a protected group of Dolphins that  have been exciting this place for ages!

Frequently they are seen searching for food providing an unique spectacle with their playful movements and tricks.It’s a MUST SEE!

More than thirty individuals that are certainly one of the biggest attractions of the Sado’s Bay and also a unique sighting in Portugal.

In this route you can enjoy both the water pleasures and the greenery of the mountains surrounding the Bay. You’ll be able to stop in the several small sand islands found  along the route and dive in the clear waters.

Under the warmth of the portuguese weather allow yourself the visual feast of the clear distinctive blue water.



Price and useful information:

Price for an adult person: 10 euros per hour
Price for a children under 10 years old: 7,5 euros per hour
Duration: 3 to 8 hours
Number of participants allowed: 5 to 7 people


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